A Happy Ending: There is such a Thing

The thought that I will get to see your face one day leaves me a bit lost for words.

{It used to scare me. It used to be something I knew I should be excited about, but deep down, I felt guilty about the fact that I didn’t really want life as I knew it to end so that I could go to some foreign palace and sing forever. 

That’s what I thought Heaven was. But Lord, how you have beautifully proven me so wrong.}

How I anxiously now await the coming of the New, Perfect World as you originally intended it to be.

Over time, you have taught me and shown me more and more of you, thus revealing more and more of what Heaven actually is. And although I still have many unanswered questions about Heaven, I now cannot wait for it.

You have taught (and continue to teach) me who you are as a Creator, as a loving Father, as a gentle teacher, as a friend, as a righteous, forgiving judge. As you keep showing me more and more of you, I learn how skewed my shallow vision of “Heaven” actually was. Because although you are a perfect, holy king, worthy of far more praise and glory I have the capacity to give, you are more than that, even still.

You are a Father. Similarly to, and even more so than an earthly father, you are relational. You do not merely demand praise for your greatness (although you would certainly would be rightful in doing so), nor do you require perfection from you servants.


The beautiful truth is that you also call your servants “friends.”

You are after our hearts, not our achievements. You do rejoice in our achievements, but it is because you are the Creator of all that is good in the world. And when we achieve great things, we are furthering the work you have already begun. We are furthering your initial purpose for your good world.

Your good ways lead to the kind of life that allows humans to claim peace and joy that is absolutely constant, aside from brokenness and evil. Your intended order was perfect and perfectly reasonable.

Although evil is the sad, unfortunate reality of our broken world, it is not the final word, Lord Jesus. It need not terrify us, as tempting as it is to allow it to be terrifying. When it is all our physical eyes can see, how can it not be terrifying?

But the end of Your story is drastically different than what our eyes see now. One day, you will bring restoration to all of Creation and dwell with your people.

With that glorious restoration will be the total end and destruction of all destruction.

The end of evil.

The end of pain.

The end of heartache.

But most of all, it will be you. Face to face.

No more grasping.

No more faith; faith will be unnecessary because we will finally be seeing, not just believing.

Oh, what a glorious day.

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