A Warm Welcome

It is the first day of spring, but it has been creeping up on us for weeks it seems, so close I’ve been able to taste it. I can feel it beckoning me outside every opportunity it gets. Birds chirp in what was just weeks ago the dead silence of winter. Fragrant, breathtaking flowers bloom […]

Adjusting the Lens

This week marked a turning point after two weeks of sickness in our home. Sickness is monotony at its finest – especially when kids are involved.  It has a way of making time obsolete. Two weeks, but really, it felt like one continuous day that simply built on itself every 24 hours. Not only is every […]

One Word

Happy New Year, dear ones! I realize I’m a little late to the resolution game, but that doesn’t mean there’s been a lack of some serious reflection. In 2015, I started recognizing how unsuccessful big, lofty goals can be come the beginning of a new year. Before you deem me as a pessimistic skeptic, let […]

Let Life Be Messy

Yesterday was the first day of Fall. So today, naturally, I was itching to make my favorite butternut squash soup (as usual, shoutout to Pinterest: http://cincyshopper.com/copycat-panera-autumn-squash-soup-recipe/ ). You’re welcome. “Yes!” I thought. “A good playlist, a glass of wine, and a good, long, therapeutic cooking session. It’ll be marvelous.” This idea lasted about two seconds. “Help please […]

Old Made New

Today is Easter Sunday. It is the most important day on the Christian calendar because it is the day that Jesus declared victory over death by rising from it. It is the day death died. Once and for all. And yet I am conflicted this Resurrection Sunday because I still feel the pangs of death, […]

Never Stop

Never stop, little one. Never stop adventuring. Never stop being bold. Never stop being unafraid to wallow in a pile of dirt, picking it up and letting it seep through your fingers over and over again.  Never choose un-grassed-stained jeans over playing hard, even if I seem frustrated that your pants are ruined. That’s my own […]