Upside Down Power

Of all people, Jesus had every right to not live as a servant, to choose self-righteous living – He was God, for goodness sake.

But he didn’t.

He was (is) the one who deserved to be served and honored, but he took every opportunity to serve and honor others. He used the great power and authority as the one true God of all the earth, in the form of a man, and surrendered it.

He laid it down.

He became humble {not in the sense that he was not already humble-for he was God-but in the sense that he portrayed beautifully what it looks like to correct the misconception of power from self-serving dictatorship into servant-like humility}.

Why would he do such a thing?

We common folk demand more than that in our day to day lives, let alone him. A king. The one true King. King of all Creation.

He lived this way to show the world how to be human-fully human. In every sense of what God intended when he made humans – us – in his image.

[This is what we fail to realize. Humans are not the dominant species. God existed before we did and saw fit that we should exist. So he created us. In doing so, God lowered his form of existence.

Let us baffle at that thought for a moment.. apart from him, we are merely dust.

We are not the kings and queens of the world. We are servants of the Most High. We are advocates of the one true King, loving the things he loves and hating the things he hates to exemplify and usher in his kingdom until he comes back rectify it fully.

And that is an honorable responsibility, if we choose to humble ourselves and accept it.

But society today is appalled at the idea of being servants to anything – and rightfully so. We have corrupted the beautiful privilege of servanthood and the meaning of authority into something negative and demeaning. In our petty human kingdoms that we have created and have so struggled to sustain well, we have forgotten the original intention of God in the garden – where he reigned, and we obeyed.

You see, we humans have forgotten the meaning and beauty of submission because we have taken advantage of and ruined the power we were originally given.

Yes, we were given charge of Creation to rule and reign until he returns to set things right. But every ounce of power we humans are given is to be submitted to the reign of the One who has given us authority over this world that we live in. And friends, if we are honest with ourselves, what is our idea of what it means to reign over anything? Of what it means to obtain power and establish justice? Does it really match that of Jesus? Do we really side with those whom Jesus sided (still sides) with? Do we really look much like him, at all?]

{Sorry. That was a long sidenote. But really.}

Jesus chose servanthood in order to show us, his followers, how to love one another with the love of his Father-of our Father. He willfully chose not to exercise the upper hand at times when it would have gone much better and easier for him to do so.

But he was not concerned with what was easy.

He was concerned with love.

He was concerned with others.

He was concerned with lepers, who never knew love or acceptance before they encountered Jesus.

He was concerned with the poor.

He was concerned with forgiveness (and no, not only those who sought forgiveness. But even, and especially, those who were against him completely. His enemies.)

He was concerned with grace.

He was concerned with empathy, with putting the comfort and benefit of others before our own.

He was concerned with humility.

If we truly stop and take a deep, long look at the life of Jesus – all that he said, did, and interceded on behalf of – we see a different kind of power than what we encourage and seek for our own lives.

In simple terms, Jesus was concerned with the Kingdom of God.

Are we?



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  1. Thank you for this reminder. Jesus gave up far more in his servanthood than I ever will.

  2. Athena Peterson says: Reply

    Again, Alex your writing is amazing. I love this and it really makes me (us) really think about our lives. Thank you Alex. We love you!

  3. Oh my, what a wonder writer you are. Everyone should read this, so moving.
    We love you 3, see you soon.

    1. Goofed again, I meant to say wonderful. I sure you figured that out already. So sorry for the err.

  4. Excellent read, Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work 🙂

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